Mechanical Takeoff

Mechanical Takeoff

Mechanical Takeoff


  • Duct Takeoff: Galvanized Steel Duct Takeoff, Round Duct Takeoff and Rectangle Duct Takeoff
  • Exhaust Wall Takeoff: Exhaust Wall Cap Takeoff and Exhaust Fan Takeoff
  • Air Conditions Unit Takeoff: AC Indoor Units Takeoff and AC Outdoor Units
  • Diffuser Takeoff: Linear Diffuser Takeoff
  • Air Handling Unit Takeoff
  • Grills Takeoff

Mechanical Takeoff

By using Explicit Estimating, the contractors have found they can save time and money when they estimate building costs for any size project.

With the time zone advantages, we provide the mechanical takeoff and mechanical estimate before your morning so you can be reduced by more than half the time, saving your money in time. Building companies, over the last couple of years especially, have had to learn to do more work with fewer people. This is possible outsourcing the estimating and takeoff work with Explicit Estimating.

How much ductwork do you need? How long is that run for the A/C supply line? What is the volume of the rooms you’re trying to heat and cool? Explicit Estimating is the estimating firm for all those answers.

We use the original electronic plans to generate precise materials lists for your estimates. Calculate distances, areas, and volume quickly, and use the customizable bill of materials to estimate counts and costs. We can isolate plan areas and create individual counts for ducts, pumps, switches, controls or any other element you specify for just that area. We can size your system using the volume tools and know exactly what materials to bring to the job site.

This same time and quality increase can be had with building cost estimates and construction takeoff and estimating. Not only will time be saved, up to 90% reduction, but the quality of the estimates will also improve. To make the most of the time and people you have today, it is important to mail us they need to produce quality work in the least amount of time.

• Explicit Estimating enables you to quickly and accurately trace linear takeoffs for your A/C supply lines.
• Deriving volume for rooms for heating and cooling has never been easier. Complete your takeoff instantly!
• Instantly calculate costs and generate precise material lists for HVAC assembly.
• Complete your takeoff and estimates faster, more accurately, and easier than you could by doing it the manual way.

Using Explicit Estimating can help you be a time and money saver. This all adds up to make your life as a contractor much better with Explicit Estimating

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